How to: Disable Sway Bar Module on Jeep Wrangler JK

This option will allow to completely disable Sway Bar module. Usually, this option is used when your factory Rubicon Sway Module is faulty or when you switch to other type of Sway Bar. This option is only intended to use outside of public roads.

Important tip!

* When you change settings Engine must be OFF and ignition set to RUN position

* When Sway Bar is removed or faulty, we do suggest disconnecting Sway Bar connector and add hefty amount of insulation tape to make it watertight. 

Disable Front Fog Lights Dropout

Slide to adaptation section and locate Modules – Chassis Network Add/Remove

Now we have a full list of available adaptations. Locate ASBS – Sway Bar – On/Off option.

Choose Deactivated and start ECU update by pressing “GO"

Now it's time to test your changes

When procedure is completed turn ignition to off leave the car and close the car for 5 min.  All computers should now go to sleep.

After 5 min, start the car and check if Sway Bar lamp is still blinking.