How to: Enable backup camera on factory radio

This option is compatible with 2007-2018 Jeep Wranglers with a factory display radio / factory navigation radio.

Important tip!

* When you change radio settings Engine should be OFF and ignition set to RUN

* When you try to test camera start car and release emergency brake and put your gearbox in to Reverse. 

Enable backup camera

Slide to adaptation section and locate Radio and Camera – settings

Now we have a full list of avaliable adaptations for Radio. Locate Rear Camera On/Off option

Choose Active and start ECU update. 

Now it's time to test your camera

When procedure is completed turn ignition to off leave the car and close the car for 5 min.  All computers should now go to sleep.

After 5 min, start the car and put in to reverse. On the screen you should have video image or at least black screen with message “Check all surroundings"