How to: Set up my fog lights to stay on with high beam lights.

This option is compatible with all cars supported on via JScan.

Important tip!

* When you change vehicle settings Engine should be OFF and ignition set to RUN

Disable Fog Lights Dropout - option - when this option is set to "Deactivated" it will allow you to turn on Fog Lights with High Beam Lights.

Slide to adaptation section and locate Vehicle user settings.

Now we have a full list of available adaptations. Locate Front Fog Lamp Dropout On/Off option.

Change this adaption to Deactivated

Now it's time to test fog lights with high beams

When procedure is completed turn ignition to off leave the car and close the car for 5 min.  All computers should now go to sleep.

After 5 min, start the car and turn on high beam and front fog lights at the same time, fog lights should stay on with high beams.