Technical post: ABS diagnostics.

After the last trip, a set of lights appears from time to time. ABS, ESP, traction control, etc.
Photo no. 1
It is known that such a set of lights is usually a wheel speed sensor.
The only question is which one?

Diagnostic procedure:

1) First read the errors in the JScan application in the ABS module.

2) Reading errors allows to state that the problem lies in the left front sensor. Photo no. 2.

3) Go to the live parameter preview tab and select the appropriate wheel speed sensors.

4) As you can see on video no. 1. right after starting the parameter preview, you can see how the first sensor pops up to 14kmh. The car is still standing still. What already shows a small problem with the sensor.

5) Additionally, when driving further, the speed of the right and left wheels suddenly deviate significantly from each other. Which also confirms the problem with this sensor. Video no. 2.

6) To be sure, change the sensor from the right wheel to the left wheel and check whether you have moved. Thanks to this, we can rule out damage to the cable that goes into the ABS module.

When “Not Supported" appears on the screen, then ABS and ESP are activated