How to: Convert rear lamps on Jeep Wrangler JL/JT 2018+ from US to EU spec.

General steps required to convert car to euro spec

Steps required to enable rear turn signals:

1) Combined Rear Lightning On/Off -> Set this option to Deactivated – this option will disable, brake with turn, only brake light will be present on the back of the vehicle.

2) Rear Turn Lamps Output Present -> Set this option to Activated – this option will enable large pins C5/E pin number 3 & C6/F pin number 42 on BCM (Body Computer) – that

way you will be able to add two new wires to BCM and use them as a source for rear turn signals.

3) Add two new wires to BCM

  • Connector (Black) C5/E – pin number 3 
  • Connector (White) C6/F – pin number 42

New pins – connectors are required they are called “KOSTAL 2,8 SLK"

4) Replace rear lamps with Euro spec lights connectors are the same and add new wire for each lamp

5) Additional steps required to remove warning light messages related to burned bulbs, those are vehicle specific and depends on vehicle equipment (LED or Non LED package installed on the car and lights installed on the car):

  • Enable/Disable LED Rear Turn, LED Stop etc.. settings
  • Enable/Disable Left & Right Rear Turn Lamp Diagnostic Present – enable disable this settings to remove LED light testing cable.

*Body computer is located on passenger side on the side panel under glove box.

Steps required to enable rear fog lights:

1) Rear Fog Lamps Output Present -> Activated – This option will activate two new pins on BCM C5/E pin number 39 & C6/F pin number 5 – small pins “KOSTAL 1,2 MLK"
2) Add wires to BCM C5/E pin number 39 & C6/F pin number 5
3) Connect wires to new rear fog lights
4) Replace fog lamps switch with euro spec version.