JL/JT - Security Gateway


Chrysler’s Secure Gateway Module came out in 2018. You may have heard about it but for those who don’t know it will change some things as far as aftermarket diagnostics is concerned. Let’s start by talking about what the Security Gateway Module (SGW) is and what its purpose is. The SGW was implemented in some models in the 2018 model year and all models 2019 going forward. The SGW in short is a module whose function is simply to keep the communication networks secure. The SGW protects the vehicle networks from being exploited by creating a firewall between two portions of the network with the most vulnerability. These are the telematics/radio units and the DLC.


So how does the SGW work? It separates the vehicle network into private and public sectors. The public sector includes the telematics unit and the DLC. Everything else on the network is considered private. Access to the private sector of the network is limited without authentication. As of now, authentication is limited to Chrysler licensed devices. 

What do I need to make it work:

The bypass cable is needed to WRITE any data to the vehicle. This includes clearing trouble codes, adaptations and activations. If you only need to READ the data from the vehicle (read trouble codes, see live data) you won't need it. Below you will find a short photo instruction on how to connect the security bypass cable. Locate the security gateway (marked in red circle) under the steering wheel, unplug the 2 connectors and instead plug them into the security bypass. Connect your adapter on the other end of the bypass . Where to get the cable? You can get it on Amazon, Ebay, or in 100 different places. Below find a link to where we got it, which is probably the cheapest option but includes a few weeks wait or you can just google “12+8 Autel Chrysler cable"