Frequently Asked Questions

I want to diagnose my car, what do I need?

  1. Download OBD JScan app from Google Play store or Apple Store – application is free to download, but license is required to change vehicle settings and access all available options on the app.
  2. Purchase compatible an OBD2  adapter*
  3. Connect to your vehicle
  4. Purchase license for your vehicle VIN, license is not required to connect to a car. *

*list of recommended and supported OBD adapters can be found here:

* most of Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep cars 2017-2018+ will require bypass security gateway to allow any vehicle modifications.  “Autel Chrysler 12+8 adapter" Read More

* license purchase options can be will be presented when you connect to a car or you can check available licenses under “Settings -> Manage Licenses" (connection is not required) 

How do I upgrade to the Licensed version?

When connecting to a new vehicle, you will be prompted if you want to assign a license to the vehicle, or if you want to buy a license if you do not have one. This is the most common way.

The second way of obtaining a license is entering settings (gear icon in top right corner) -> “manage licenses". In this screen you can buy a license to assign it later during connection. Note that this is the only way of obtaining a license if you are using a WiFi adapter, as on most phones you will not be able to access the internet while connected to the adapter's WiFI network.

How to contact us?

If you need help contact us via Facebook:

Is my OBD adapter supported?

List of supported and not supported adapters:

If your adapter is not on our list it's most likely not supported. However, you can check that yourself by performing the below steps:

  1. Connect to your vehicle and skip the license prompt – if you are unable to connect then obviously the adapter is not supported
  2. If your connection is successful, go to settings (gear icon in top right corner) -> “ELM327 identification" and press “start" in right bottom corner
  3. If all items on the list are listed as green “True" then your adapter should work. If at least one is not, then it may work with some basic functions, but fail on reading live data or performing adaptations.

JScan doesn't read the VIN

  1. Make sure the key is in ON position (not ACC) – i.e. dashboard controls are on.
  2. Inspect the OBD adapter and socket. Do pins fit tight? Or are they loose / dirty / rusty / broken?
  3. Go to JScan settings (cog, top-right corner) > ELM327 identification. All entries except ABS are adapter-phone communication. ABS is adapter-car. Any “false" values will indicate a possible adapter issue.
  4. If it's a new purchase use “Return and Replace" or similar method to get another device from the vendor.

Do NOT purchase the license as a “fix". The license has nothing to do with the communication between the devices.

Tire Size adaptation - check engine light and speedometer not working.

Was the adaptation done with engine working?

If yes, open “Quick Diagnostic" page and tap “Trash" icon. Engine must be OFF and Ignition must be ON (usually second key position). All should be back to normal.

If not, (that is, if adaptation was done with key ON, engine OFF), you probably typed the tire size manually. However, the manual input here is for circumference (in mm), NOT the diameter (height). So, either do the math (tire height inches * 2.54 * PI) and type the result in manual input, or – recommended – use the drop down to find the closest value matching tire height (in).

TIP: Factory speedometer is ALWAYS showing higher reading than you actually drive. That's a safety feature, required legally for example in the EU. If you want to 'fix' it, just pick a slightly smaller tire height (0.25"-0.5" less than real).

What are available features?

Features include 

  • reading and clearing generic and module-specific trouble codes
  • reading live diagnostics data and freeze frames
  • adaptations

Different cars have different adaptations and modules available – use Demo Mode (see below) to find out what is available for your vehicle

What is demo mode?

Demo mode is designed to allow browsing all available options without physically connecting to a vehicle. To enter the demo mode open the app, choose the car you are interested in and select “demo mode" from the adapters list.
Note, that some options may not work in demo mode and you may get some random errors, especially when trying to perform an adaptation. This will not mimic the behavior of normally connected vehicle – it's rather design just to allow browsing the available options 

Do you have a tutorial?

We found that for most users the application is intuitive enough to use so we are not planning on releasing a tutorial. However, we have made some videos demonstrating the usage of different features, and you can use them as reference. 
If you have problems moving around the app, we suggest starting with this video:

Something doesn't work, what do I do?

The first step is always contacting us trough Facebook (see “how to contact us?")
In many cases we will request a log from the time when the problem occured. You can send it to us prior to contacting us – this way your problem can likely be solved faster.
To send a log enter settings (gear icon in top right corner) -> “send log" and use your email client. The address will be filled automatically. 
Note that we do not read all sent logs, we use them to diagnose the specific problems you contact us with. 

Are the changes made by the app permanent?

Yes, the changes are permanent – once you change something it will stay that way, even if you unplug your adapter, uninstall the app or disconnect the battery. There are exceptions to this, such as raising the idle RPM which can only be performed temporarily and will go back to default when disconnecting the app or even exiting the adaptation screen.

Does the application perform any changes that cannot be reverted?

No, the application only uses built in options that the car manufacturer designed. All changes are possible to revert. However, there is no easy way to revert everything to factory state in one step. You will have to change each setting separately to what it was before.
There is one exception and this is the “DVD Market" adaptation available in some vehicles. This can only be changed a limited number of times before the radio is locked. This function is designed for imported vehicles and should not be used without a good reason.